Walking&Running. 30 to 60 minute routes

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Walking&Running Vitoria-Gasteiz proposes a number of attractive walking and running routes that people who, visiting the city for different reasons, wish to practice their favourite sport in the open air.

Although some starting points and a direction have been set for each route, they are circular so you can start at any point.

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Rutas Vitoria-Gasteiz

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Ruta Longitud Desnivel Caminando Trote Corriendo URL PDF
Ruta - R1 7.06km +40m 1h 25' 42' 33' ibilbideak ruta_1.pdf
Ruta - R2 6.43km +15m 1h 17' 38' 29' ibilbideak ruta_2.pdf
Ruta - R3 5.13km +25m 1h 0' 31' 24' ibilbideak ruta_3.pdf
Ruta - R4 6.18km +5m 1h 14' 37' 29' ibilbideak ruta_4.pdf
Ruta - R5 4.64km +30m 54' 28' 22' ibilbideak ruta_5.pdf
Ruta - R6 6.42km +20m 1h 16' 37' 28' ibilbideak ruta_6.pdf
Ruta - R7 7.80km +80m 1h 30' 46' 37' ibilbideak ruta_7.pdf
Ruta - R8 4.20km +10m 50' 25' 19' ibilbideak

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